• Amanda

Letting Go, Letting God

Sadly we live in a world where everyone seems to think that everyone else is out to get them, to hurt them, to let them down, or to commit some type of injustice toward them. Too many times we fall for this deceptive way of thinking and we believe that 1.) we must trust no one OR 2.) we must right every wrong- or perceived wrong- committed against us! For years I spent my life believing I had to be the one to do this, to right the injustices of the world. I mean my perceived injustices. If there was an wrong, I had to be the one to right it. I'm not sure where this since of importance came from. Maybe its because I am a control freak, maybe its because I am a rule follower to the utmost degree, but for whatever reason, I carried this burden around for a long time. And what a burden it was!

If someone did me wrong or anyone wrong for that matter, or committed an injustice I suffered or that I saw others suffer from I would not be able to rest until I felt as if I had been vindicated or the wrong doer had been punished!! To add to my frustration, I am a non-confrontational person, so most of the "righting of the wrong" would be held internally, in my heart and mind. I would carry this hurt, this injustice around and wear it like a heavy coat. I would discuss it with my husband, I would replay it in my mind repeatedly, and I would lay awake at night letting it eat at me.

Am I speaking to anyone here? ....No just me....ok....well maybe this will help you anyway.

It's a heavy burden to carry around, righting all the wrongs in the world, and I had just about wore myself out with this pointless task when God taught me a lesson. God revealed to me that I didn't need to right all the wrongs in the world, in fact He taught me that there is no way I even could! He truly taught me to "let go and let God". I had heard that phrase all my life, but hearing it and understanding it are two totally different things.

God taught me that if I -or anyone else- has truly been done wrong, He will avenge that. He will right that wrong; He will hand out the appropriate judgement. I cannot and should not be the judge and jury for every injustice I witness. Proverbs 20:22 tells us "Do not say 'I'll pay you back for this wrong!' Wait for the Lord, and He will avenge you."

See if you have truly been done a disservice, if that promotion was truly meant to be yours and you were overlooked because your boss had a personal relationship with someone less qualified, if a family member has judged you unfairly, if someone has spread gossip and rumors about you, if someone you would have moved heaven and earth for shows you that they wouldn't walk across the street for you, IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO RIGHT THE WRONG. It is God's job. And He will. Because that is who He is; He is faithful and just.

If you have truly been done wrong, God will right that wrong; somehow, someway; in manner that we may never know about, but it will happen. That's who God is and He is always good.

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