• Amanda

Patience isn't my Virtue.

Patience is a virtue. I've heard that saying my entire life. But its not my virtue. I am and have never been a patient person. I try, oh I try so hard. I pray. (FYI: God isn't going to just gift you with patience when you pray about it, but He will give you boundless opportunities to cultivate your patience. See exhibit A. I am exhibit A.) But patience eludes me.

When I want something done, I want it done immediately, which has caused many many disagreements with my ever patient husband. When I begin a diet, I want to lose weight instantaneously. When I begin a workout regime, I want instant definition in my arms and washboard abs.

But God is definitely working on me in more ways than one. I find God giving me grace to get me through the days when my patience is wearing thin. At times when my impatience wants to push its way to the front and demand its way, God is giving me grace to pause and say I will wait on God's timing.

As a writer my goal is to be published, to have the stories I believe God has given to me to reach an audience beyond myself, beyond anything I could imagine. When there are obstacles, when there are road blocks, when there is rejection, my impatience whispers, "This will never happen, give up." But God speaks to me and says in My timing I will make everything happen just the way its suppose to. Whether my audience is worldwide or just my small following of local friends and family, God will orchestrate it, exactly the way He planned from the beginning of time.

And in that, I can rest....

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