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Release Day!

Release day is always a mix of joy and overwrought nerves! Joy at having finished a book and brought it through to completion. There is a lot of hours spent in writing that goes into each book. A lot of prayers said in plotting, planning and writing. I spend so much time writing and re-writing, it becomes very personal to me. So when its published and its time for the world to see the finished product, cue the nerves!!

It's like putting a piece of your heart out on display for people to judge and that is a very hard thing for me to do! It took me over four years to actually take that step with my first book "A Mountain Worth Moving". But I can't begin to describe they joy I feel when someone reads my book and tells me that they enjoyed it. It makes my heart SING! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God put me on this earth to do this. And if I never do anything more than self publish a few books for friends and family, that's ok. I am doing what God made me to do and I can't stop. I have so many stories that God has given me floating around in my head, sometimes its overwhelming where I direction I should go next. But trust me, I'll go. Even if its just to write it out and not show it to anyone, I'll go. I have to. That's what God made me. He made me a writer and I have to write.

Happy Reading!!

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