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The Long Road Home

I recently published my second Christian Fiction Novel, The Long Road Home. I've had this story in my mind for quite some time. It started out with just a vision of a man driving a car on a rural road trying to get home. I played around with this idea for a while. Why was he going home? Why had he been away from home? It took several years for this story to unfold and in the mean time, I wrote and published my first book, "A Mountain Worth Moving".

I had the first page of "The Long Road Home" written for a while. I knew the main character was desperate and I also knew he was caught up in materialism, like so many of us find ourselves from time to time. He was childish and spoiled, but I wanted him to evolve and grow through his relationship with God. I hope that comes through in the pages of "The Long Road Home'. God is the God of restoration. The verse that really inspired me throughout this book is Joel 2:25, "So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten". I wanted our main character to find that restoration in God, not in anything else, even though he tries to find it in many other places!

I am currently working on my third novel, which in reality is the first book I ever wrote. I wrote this story years ago, printed it out and put it in a binder and honestly forgot about it. The computer I had penned it on crashed and burned years ago. I was heartbroken thinking I had lost it forever, but in a recent move, I found the binder containing the printed copy! I've been working on typing it up and editing. Hopefully it will be released late summer or early fall.

Happy Reading!!

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