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Country music superstar Lane McCay left his hometown of Bluff Creek for the bright lights of the big city and the lure of fame and fortune. For the past several years he’s lived the life he always dreamed of by sitting at the top of the country music charts, touring the country relentlessly and casually dating any pretty face that came along. With the end of five year contract with his record label looming on the horizon, a string of meaningless relationships and a label executive bent on making his life miserable,  he begins to wonder if there is more to life than what he’s achieved. By chance he meets Melanie Michaels, a rising Contemporary Christian recording artist and no matter how many times he tells himself she is not his type, he can’t get the attractive singer off his mind.

Despite opposition from almost everyone around them, Lane and Melanie begin a relationship. While trying to keep their relationship away from the scrutiny of the public eye, Lane finds himself developing feelings he had promised himself he would never allow himself to feel again. And while Melanie finds herself falling for Lane, she is disturbed by his complete avoidance of anything related to her faith in God, a faith that she depends on to guide her life.

Feeling pressures from not only their respective labels, but friends and family as well, Melanie and Lane struggle to stay together. But as threats are made, and Melanie struggles with Lane’s lack of faith, they reach a breaking point that sends both of them into a tailspin.  As they struggle with getting on with their lives, Lane comes face to face with issues from his past. Unable to deal with the unexpected turn of events Lane slips into old patterns of destructive behavior, while Melanie battles against the court of public opinion to get her career back on track. Each of them are pushed to a limit where they must decide if they will try to bend life to their own wills or be willing to trust the unknowns of life to an all knowing God, no matter what that  may bring their way.

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