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Bound by duty and guilt, John Mitchell moved home to run the Mitchell's Triple M cattle ranch and take care of his family after a tragic accident left his youngest brother with a traumatic brain injury. Picking up the pieces of his shattered family hasn't been easy and he doesn’t have time for anything that might upset the uneasy balance he’s holding on to. When his mother’s relentless search for healing for her family, pushes John out of his comfort zone, he meets physical therapist Jill Morgan. Immediately at odds with what he believes is Jill’s intrusion into his family’s problems, he is determined to stop her from causing any more pain for his family. But as he spends time with Jill, he begins to realize that maybe she isn’t going to hurt his family, but bring healing to them all. 

After experiencing her own heartaches, Jill Morgan has dedicated her professional life to providing therapy to traumatic brain injury patients. When she initially meets the Mitchell family, she can't shake the feeling that God is telling her to help them. She begins to wage a battle to admit John’s brother, Ben to the elite therapy program at her hospital. Expecting his family to be thrilled at the prospects of Ben being awarded one of the coveted spots in the program, she is shocked when she is confronted by a gruff and protective John Mitchell. 

Determined to prove to the tall, taciturn, cowboy that he is wrong about her and her therapy techniques, Jill throws herself completely into Ben's rehabilitation. Only when Ben doesn't respond the way she had imagined, and she gets to know the cowboy behind the rough exterior, Jill begins to think that maybe God’s plan was for her to help both brothers. 
John hasn't allowed himself to feel anything but guilt for years. He doesn't think he deserves happiness, but after getting to know Jill, he knows he can no longer deny the feelings he has for her. Convinced that if Jill knew the truth behind his role in his family’s tragedies, she would hate him, John must decide whether or not to risk his heart for a chance at happiness. And when heartache threatens to strike the Mitchell family again, John must decide if there is room in his life for both Jill and his responsibilities to his family and their ranch. He must decide if the burden he carries from the last four years is a mountain worth trying to moving

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